7:30 PMDecember 29

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Pelada, the duo of singer Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman, took the Montreal underground rave scene by storm in 2014 after uploading tracks on Soundcloud that cauth the attention of the international dance music community. They spent the next 5 years traveling the world before signing with the Berlin experimental label PAN in 2019, with whom they released their first album Movimiento Para Cambio. The album was included in the ‘’best albums of the decade’’ list by Mixmag and called ‘’one of the best CDs of 2019’’ by Resident Advisor. DJ Mag also stated that Pelada was an ‘’essential and contemporary addition to the punk canon and dance music landscape’’. 

Their collaboration is a mix of urgent Spanish songs focused on themes of power, control and social justice with samplers, synths and drum machines. Pelada is back on stage in 2022 with their most anticipated second album in production, soon to be released. 

Pelada's sound and ethics translate into a galvanizing live show that rocks the dance floors at festivals, hip clubs and punk bunkers.