11:10 PMDecember 31

SiriusXM stage at place de l'Assemblée-Nationale

It was by accident that REGARD found his stage name. The word, “regardé,” came to the DJ during French class in high school. “To see” became the core behind Regard’s music. When he performs, he likes to look at the people and see how they feel the music. For REGARD, his deep house mixes consist not only of sound, but also of sight. Performance is a reciprocal and intimate relationship between the DJ and the audience. The Kosovan DJ and producer garnered global attention with his debut single RIDE IT which became an international hit, taking the internet and TikTok by storm and quickly followed it up with his second hit single SECRETS featuring South London singer RAYE. He has gone on to achieve over 10X TOP 10 single chart placements globally.